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Structured wiring systems setup contractors and installers in the city of Camarillo, California.

Our services include structured wiring and cabling installation in Camarillo, California, plenum wire runs, wall plate installation, video projector installation, A/V receiver setup, 5.1 speaker installations, security camera installations, lighting control, electrical operated shutters, automated TV lift integration, movie screen hanging, electrical troubleshooting services, and General contracting available.


Structured wiring and cabling systems installation in Camarillo, California done right by an experienced electrician and electronics technician for over 20 years in Camarillo, we are licensed wiring contractors and have performed hundreds of structured wiring installations in homes and businesses. Structured cabling encompasses several different services and technologies integrated into a central control and termination box. Voice data audio and video wiring converge into a centralized point at a box installed usually in the master closet in home installations, and in the telecom closet in business environments. We perform wiring, tracing, end termination, hook ups, labeling of terminals, install routers and termination blocks and on the other end install jacks, plates and hook up utilization equipment such as computers, antennas, phones, fax machines and other peripherals. We troubleshoot structured wiring and cabling installations and add new CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable lines to and from audio and video equipment, intercoms, signal boosters and other devices. Calls us for all of your cabling and wiring needs in Camarillo, we are experienced and licensed structured wiring installation contractors and provide free quotes.

Structured wiring setup, cabling technician and installation services

Experienced structured wiring components and modules installer and technicians for home and commercial, retail and office spaces installer, we service, move, set up and install new wiring systems, components and equipment from all major brands. We service the City of Camarillo, California since 1998.

  • Pre wire CAT-5 and power to main console unit
  • Planning, and design of audio video voice and data structured wiring
  • Set up new equipment modules
  • Trace identify and label wiring and install terminations
  • Integrate individual structured wiring components
  • Troubleshoot faulty wiring
  • Upgrade main PCB and other components and software
  • In-wall and in-attic cable routing and fishing

Installing and setting up structured wiring equipment in a new or existing system:

  • Identify terminals and cables
  • Trace wiring if necessary and label as needed
  • Hook up voice terminal block, cable splitter, install internet router and other equipment according to specific needs
  • Set up and label wiring inputs including all leads coming in from rooms
  • Install power supplies and power up equipment
  • On the room end prepare label leads, install terminals and wall plates, hook up utilization equipment

Structured wiring and cabling in residential or commercial facilities City of Camarillo

There is a large variety of structured and control modules and options in the market. We install and service systems from all major manufacturers and perform troubleshooting on broken units.

  • Wiring of CAT-5, RG-6 or other cabling is subject to damage due to mechanical rupture during construction
  • Faulty terminals and / or improperly sealed terminations are subject to corrosion or loose contacts
  • Electrical fault, brown ups can lead to overloaded and burnt up modules
  • Faulty wiring of terminals is also a common source of signal loss or intermittent operation

Structured cabling and installation guidelines for installer Services in Camarillo, California

A few suggestions when installing or wiring structured wiring and cabling systems in a residential or commercial facility follows

  • Keep cables from kinking or tearing by using appropriate cable guides and avoid twisting wiring
  • Plan wiring strategy ahead of time, it gets really difficult to add a single cable after a bundle has been routed
  • Install low voltage rings after the cables have been pulled out of the wall and leave at least 4 feet of extra cables for later hook up of equipment since it facilitates termination
  • Secure cable by staple or other means to stud within a maximum of one foot from the low voltage ring
  • Protect any pre installed terminals by wrapping them up with electrical tape to prevent damage to pins
  • Once the system is ready to install, trace and label cables one a a time and attach labels within 6 inches from the ends and connect to equipment according to function and purpose.
  • A good practice is to elaborate a wring diagram to keep a record useful for future troubleshooting and reference.

Recent structured cabling installation and setup service requests in Camarillo, CA

Set up intercom unit

Wire up new intercom module and keypad in exterior wall, wire into panel box.

Tom Z.
Camarillo, CA 93010

Integrate phone line

Add phone line wiring into control module, terminate and test.

Cecil K.
Camarillo, CA 93012

Whole house music

Trace wiring and label, install speakers and volume controls in whole house.

Judy I.
Camarillo, CA 93012

Replace faulty splitter

Install new diplexer in panel box to accommodate satellite wiring into rooms.

Carl C.
Camarillo, California 93010

Upgrade speakers

Remove existing speakers and install high end Polk Audio speakers in every location..

Tommy P.
Camarillo, CA 93012

Replace router and block

Upgrade existing router and add larger interconnect block, configure and test.

Sonia L.
Camarillo, CA 93010

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