How it all works typically...................

We provide you with a free "rough" estimate figure based on the overall dimensions and the basic concept of the planned job.
Once you decide we're in the price range you have in mind, we'll provide you with a preliminary, scaled down, computer generated 3D sketch of the cabinetry in question. This process requires several man-hours of computer work using CAD software, since all dimensions are considered and applied to the drawing.
After the sketch has been reviewed by you, we'll modify it based on your input, and at that time the final pricing is given if major changes are made or different features are requested.
Once the pricing has been accepted, we'll proceed to finalize the drawing, adding any last minute changes and details and will make it available to you.
A this point a down payment is required, we will come to your location again, will take measurements a second time and will be ready to start work on your cabinet.
The product is delivered and installed on or about the accorded date. The cabinets are pre-finished and partially assembled off-site, then the final assembly takes place in your home on the day of delivery.
A typical installation takes about 6-8 hours. Larger projects may requiere a second workday.




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In addition to general interior carpentry, we offer top quality, custom built, made-to-order cabinetry.

• Home Theater  • Garage Organizers  • Kitchen Refacing  • Columns 
• Kitchens  • Built-ins  • Cabinet Refinishing  • Wainscotting 
• Closet Storage  • Bookcases/Shelving  • Crown Molding • Moldings/Casings 
• Office Units  • Stand Alone Units  • Fireplace Mantels  • And much more..... 

About those niches

The niche area in a family room can easily and affordably be converted into a very attractive entertainment center and media hub that will serve as the focal point of the room and will become the most sought after area of your home. We dedicate ourselves to providing solutions tailored to your specific needs and specifications, our designs are actually a representation of your own personal taste, while we contribute ideas that have proven practical and cost effective in past applications. In any instance we provide you with a three dimensional rendering of the cabinetry for your consideration and will make modifications to it based on your input. All cabinetry is built to exact size and design specifications, and is installed to provide a worry-free service life.

Making the TV Fit

Most applications nowadays call for very clean lines and exact fit of Plasma or LCD Televisions, along with provisions for all the associated electronics gear needed to accomplish the Whole Home Theater experience, from integrated spaces for built-in speakers and subwoofers, to the spacing and distribution necessary to provide ventilation to the Audio/Video receivers that make up the system. We take into consideration all of this factors and provide seamless solutions that work good and look great. Plasma or LCD TV installation on our cabinets is accomplished either by stand mounting (counter top) or we'll incorporate the necessary hardware for bracket mounting into the built-in cabinetry via extensible brackets that have Tilt/Swivel features.

Built-in Cabinet Modification and LCD or Plasma Mounting

We offer adaptation of newer Flat panel televisions into any existing cabinetry, we will modify your old cabinetry and will make it functional again to accept the thinner footprint of current Television models. Television sets in the past were usually large floorstanding TVs that no longer provide the service expected. This calls for adapting a new Plasma or LCD Flat Panel TV into that existing space and modifying the cabinet to serve the purpose.

Home Theater ...Offices.... Bars ... Kitchens ... Closet, Garage Storage, Moldings and more.....