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Home Theater A/V receiver installation or setup contractors and installers in Mission Hills, California.

Our services include Home Theater and A/V Receiver installation, calibration, plenum wire runs, wall plate installation, Mission Hills video projector installation, A/V receiver setup, If you are in the market for an audio video installer in Mission Hills, we are licensed and experienced installers and work in the Mission Hills area for over 20 years serving homes and businesses with consumer and commercial grade audio video equipment for Home Theater and other audio/video equipment installation needs.


Installing an A/V amplifier also known as audio/video receiver is our specialty, we have installed hundreds of home theater systems in Mission Hills California for over 20 years, and our experience goes far beyond installation and integration, we are experienced technicians for over 30 years and know all the ins and outs of an audio/video system installation whether stand alone or integrated to a whole audio/video rack system to serve an entirely integrated whole house entertainment hub. We are professional installers and will plan, design, integrate and calibrate audio and video receivers and components via the latest interconnect technologies. We are experienced installing most major consumer and commercial electronics brands, including the specialty high-end audio video equipment utilized in dedicated home media rooms and structured and centralized multi-channel, multi-output audio video processors. Our customers in Mission Hills California also refer to us as audio/video integrators and contractors.

A/V receiver installation, speaker setup, technician and contractor services

Experienced Home Theater installer technician, we service, move, set up and install new audio/video equipment for all major brands. We service the City of Mission Hills, California since 1998.

  • Home Theater and Surround sound system install
  • 5.1 speaker system wiring
  • Audio/video receiver set up and calibration
  • Moving audio/video gear to new address
  • Calibrate a/v receiver levels
  • Mount loudspeakers in-ceiling or in-wall
  • Run wiring within walls and attic
  • Integrate audio and video components to your new a/v receiver

Factors that affect the quality and performance of your A/V receiver system installation:

  • Quality of wiring
  • Speaker power handling rating
  • A/V receiver rated output
  • Rooms acoustics
  • Sub woofer placement and power handling

Surround sound and A/V receiver installation safety guidelines

Installing the surround sound system you've been thinking on can be very exciting, but before the final screw is installed there are some common sense and some no so common sense suggestions that an installer should follow for a proper and installation.

  • Consider the room acoustics and wall treatments
  • An A/V receiver is the central component of your home theater system, a good quality amplifier with needed features is worth considering
  • Surround sound speakers come in square and round shapes, find the one that better fits the desired look
  • Speaker power handling should match the capabilities of your A/V receiver.
  • The sub woofer is an important component in the overall performance of the audio system and you should purchase a quality one.

Audio/Video receiver installer Services in Mission Hills, California

We install new audio video equipment and A/V receivers and service existing infrastructure in commercial and residential environments and provide services such as:

  • Wall fishing of cables
  • Clean up existing wiring
  • Cable labeling
  • Repair broken A/V receivers
  • Remove old abandoned cabling
  • Install new speakers indoor or outdoor
  • Install speaker switches, setup second audio zone

Recent A/V surround sound and home theater cabling or calibration and setup service requests in Mission Hills, CA

Install 5.1 surround system

Set up my new A/V receiver and hook up audio/video equipment.

Dell M.
Mission Hills, CA 91345

Calibrate 7.1 surround

Install speakers. Route wires concealed within attic.

Eric P.
Mission Hills, CA 91345

Wall cable Fishing

Wall fish speaker wiring and hook up speakers to the a/v receiver Accordingly.

Helen M.
Mission Hills, CA 91345

New speaker cable run

Install new speaker wiring to exterior of home, hang outdoor speakers.

Joey R.
Mission Hills, California

Set up new Blue-ray

Integrate to existing surround sound system and calibrate.

Kathy W.
Mission Hills, CA 91345

Relocate Surround system

Move audio /video surround equipment to new address and reinstall.

Derrick G.
Mission Hills, CA 91345

Additional contracting services and projects in Mission Hills, California

Home Theater Audio/Video Installation Components

The central part of your home theater is usually considered to be the largest size TV screen money can buy, although considering the room size is also important to remember. LCD and LED flat panel TV sets are the current state-of-the-art options, and HDMI cables are the wiring of choice for the best possible high definition picture experience. Wiring is best done concealed within walls to ensure an optimal look and realistic Home Theater feeling. We have installed hundreds of Home Theaters in Mission Hills in the past 20 years, including the other part of the equation which is the audio potion of the experience. A/V or audio/video receivers complement the video monitors to help implement a theater looking space. Audio video receivers are installed also with speaker wiring completely concealed in the wall or attic as needed and connected to speakers and sub woofer to provide for the best possible audio and video experience.

Other components are the ever present cable box or satellite reception equipment, not to forget the now very popular movie and music streaming platforms incorporated almost into any imaginable electronics device, from Apple TV, to Blue-Ray players, tablets and dedicated internet connected streaming boxes which operate either wired to the network or wirelessly through the home WiFi network option.

Most consumers enjoy their entertainment programming through either cable or satellite receivers which connect directly to their TV's HDMI input, although some older TV sets are not equipped with such inputs, and it all means a lower quality video watching experience